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GatorGuard of Columbus is a specialist in the installation of high-end epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems. We refuse to settle for substandard “1-day polyurea” systems often employed by amateur installers. These systems lack thickness, fail to resist high hydrostatic pressures, and simply fail to comply with industrial standards. (For further insights into this issue, we encourage you to read our article titled “Enough is Enough: Uncovering the Reality of 1-Day” Polyurea Coating Systems”).

Our mission is simple, yet significant: provide our clients with robust, industrial-grade coatings installed meticulously by seasoned experts. Sub-par results are not tolerated in our work ethos. Our warranty comes as advertised – without small print exclusions to moisture-related issues or hot-tire staining.

Boasting remarkable endurance, our coatings are ideal in any residential, retail or commercial spaces that are exposed to high footfall or weighty loads, requiring truly durable concrete floor coatings. Our huge selection of epoxy-polyurea-polyaspartic concrete floor coating systems are tailor-made to withstand these challenges by providing excellent flexural strength and superior resistance against impact, abrasion, chemicals and stains…and most importantly, moisture-related issues like high hydrostatic pressures.

Concrete Assessment & Coating Implementation

Here’s an overview of our evaluation and installation process for our full flake installs:

  • In-Person Estimate: We believe that accuracy is paramount during the estimation process, which is why we’ll meet with you, face-to-face at your desired location, to inspect your space to be coated (whether residential, retail or commercial). We’ll take accurate measurements of the square footage and concrete moisture levels to help us, help you select the best coating system. You can peruse our large collection of color sample boards, and together, we’ll select the best coating system for your unique space.
  • Concrete Preparation: On your first scheduled installation day (Day 1), our team will use our proprietary concrete patch system to repair concrete cracks and other anomalies, and use our high-end propane diamond grinders to create the perfect “canvas”.
  • Moisture-Mitigating Primer Application: Once concrete preparation is complete, we’ll apply a doubly thick layer of our 100%-solids, moisture-mitigating epoxy primer…twice the thickness of conventional applications. It’ll serve as both primer and color coats in one go (we’ll never apply a polyurea direct-to-concrete).
  • Flake Broadcast: While the primer is still “wet”, we’ll follow with a full broadcast of your selected colored flake blend, either thermoplastic flakes, or a mix of our proprietary mica mineral and thermoplastic flakes. Because the primer coat is so thick, the flakes will be well embedded (so they won’t stick up and catch on your socks…yes, your garage will be so clean, you’ll be able to walk in socks).
  • Clear Polyaspartic Topcoats: On Day 2, we’ll reclaim any unadhered flakes, sand/buff the floor, and then vacuum the space. Subsequently, we’ll apply two (not one) clear 100%-solids polyaspartic top layers. In the second coat, we add anti-skid aggregate to minimize the potential for slips. The finished system will be over 35 mils in thickness and provide resistance to hot tire transfer, staining from automotive fluids, and delamination from high hydrostatic pressures. Our quality products and quality techniques produce durable concrete floor coatings that simply can’t be matched by the “1-day” guys.

Sit Back and Enjoy

After choosing your coating system and color, leave the rest to us! Quality installations and quality customer service are the foundation of our company ethos – from design phase through to the last day of installation. Call GatorGuard of Columbus today for your free quote or CLICK here. for the best epoxy-polyurea-polyaspartic floor coatings in the nation.